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Chasing God and Miracles

I don’t think any of us make it out of this world without praying for a miracle at some point. It doesn’t matter what it is, because crisis hits us all. None of us get to bypass humanity. And humanity is hard.

I know this from personal experience and I bet you do too. Crises happen.

If you’re anything like me, in those crises, you pray for peace in the chaos. That God would just stop the madness in that moment and take away the pain, the heartache, the issue. We pray this because we believe God is good. We know this at our core. But sometimes, that peace – the provision of goodness in all things – doesn’t seem to come.

For many of us, it’s a long time coming before we see that mountain moved. Maybe we don’t see the mountain demolished (or even relocated, for heaven's sake) in our earthly life. We begin to wonder, “God, do you even see me? Do you even hear what I’m begging you to do? Do you even CARE?”

There’s been a mountain that I’ve been praying God would annihilate for years. And much to my dismay, it remained unmoved for many years – at least on the surface. Recently, though, I turned around to see that mountain was leveled in such a way I still haven’t caught my breath at the process. Instead of instantly bulldozing it out of existence, I now see that God was using everything and everyone to empty it truckloads at a time until it was finally level at the right time. Bulldozer by bulldozer. Dump truck by dump truck.

YOU GUYS. What if the process is the plan? What if the method is actually the miracle? The end result we pray for isn’t always the miracle. The miracle is sometimes the path, maybe it’s always the path.

I’m committing time each month to focus on one attribute of God and praying I would be witness to it often as possible. This month, (June), I want to marvel at God’s power. I want to witness God faithfully moving mountains in my life AND in the lives of others, regardless of the size and speed with which they are moved!

One of my favorite sideline cheers for my daughter while she was playing softball was this: “I believe; you believe, kid!” In other words, “My faith is great enough for both of us, so trust me and go do your thing.” What if God is praying this over all of us? I want to experience God’s limitless capacity to change lives in crazy ways this month!

Want to join me? Every morning in June, let's chase our mighty God and watch those mountains move and those miracles materialize! I’ll be praying this prayer and invite you to do the same:

“God! You can do ANYTHING! You are all-powerful. You are MIGHTY! You move mountains and change lives. You are fierce and You are The Life Force. Open my eyes to Your actions, big and small. Show me You see all of us and are fighting for us. Keep me present to where You are active and show me how to rest in Your care. Let this month be the one I get to learn how trust Your plans and Your methods, no matter what they might look like to my human eye. I am SO grateful to know You and experience Your greatness. In the name of Your mighty Son, Jesus – Amen!”

We’re starting our summer series – “OH, Happy Day!” in just 10 short days and I'll be talking about all the ways I'm seeing God move mountains! See you back here on the blog on June 11th as we kick it off! If you still need a summer Breathe Box to get yourself all set and ready for the series, you can order by clicking HERE! Please note, any orders placed May 31st-June 7th will be filled beginning June 8th – I’m going to DISNEY WORLD! 😉

So much love to you. I believe; you believe, kid!

Praying for you and yours, and counting you as one of ours!


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