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Embracing What God Is Doing

"We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder. We always have the choice." Dalai Lama

I know you're feeling uncertain right now. Me too. But, you know what I keep reminding myself and my loved ones? God IS in control. And He wants us to invite Him into our current circumstances and let Him bring out the best of our situation.

How can we use these words of Paul's today? Let's talk SOAP!

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2, MSG


  • Change happens from the INSIDE out. Taking care of your own four walls (!!), your own activities and behaviors, starts with knowing what the right thing to do is. This begins with inviting God IN.

  • God wants ALL of you, not just some. He's interested in ALL THE THINGS you do, even the ordinary and mundane (like washing your hands...)

  • We are to take each day, each moment, and offer it to God with a servant attitude and a heart open for guidance from Him.

  • He wants and does what is best for you and we should embrace that fact and let Him work in us! He loves our obedience in doing so.

  • Worldly culture does not equate with what is best - or even GOOD for us.

  • When we focus on GOD instead of what the world is projecting around us, He matures us in the best possible way.


  • I will begin each day with a prayer to obediently offer my day (and my comings/goings/activities) to God to use as He wills.

  • I will keep my eyes and my focus on HIM and not get swept up in the pettiness and craziness of the world around me.

  • I will pay attention to what He is doing all around and in me and be grateful for all it - acknowledge the blessings and pray for the lessons/changes/growth that always comes from the challenges and troubles I encounter.

  • I'll remember to recall all the times He's been faithful in bringing me through things to remind myself of WHO He is and therefore who I am because of it.



You are so, so good to us. You never leave us to tackle this world alone. THANK YOU! Today I will take all my comings and goings, my activities and tasks, my work and my leisure, and give them to You to order and use for Your greatest purpose. Remind me throughout my day to watch for You and Your guidance and help me to be mindful of others You may be placing in my path. I am so grateful for ALL Your blessings. You always provide what I need. Continue to help me grow - always beginning with my own four walls and extending outward. Let me see You in all things today and let others see You in me. Help me to step outside my comfort zone and follow You, even when it is uncomfortable. I know You will never lead me astray.


Join us back here next week as we wrap up our study of the Restore Rhythm from Rhythms of Renewal! In the mean time, hunker down, wash your hands, and DO NOT FEAR BECAUSE HE IS HERE!

Love you!

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