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God is NOT Fragile

One of the hardest things to do (in terms of faith) is to honestly trust God when things appear to be very much stacked against you. When the walls are closing in, when it feels like there’s nowhere to go to escape the fear, when it feels like we’re falling apart, our inclination often falls back on fight, flight, or freeze instead of turning our attention to Him.

Our scripture this week gives us a different perspective and much needed reassurance! Psalm 91 is one of my favorites (see Psalm 91:11 for one of my go-to verses in times of fear). I love how the Psalmist just lays it out there for us from the very beginning – basically, God’s got this and He’s got you too.

WHEN bad things happen, WHEN hard times come at us (because, remember, Jesus told us this life would indeed have trouble) we find our Holy rest in our mighty Father who rescues us in the storm. No matter what is crumbling around you, God is not. He is still standing, still fighting, still protecting.

Let’s SOAP it!

Scripture: Psalm 91:1-4, NLT


· God gives holy rest (“rest” regardless of circumstances) to those who abide in Him

· He provides refuge and safety to those who trust Him

· He rescues His people from danger, protects them from disease, covers and shelters them

· He is faithful in following through with His promises to us, which include His constant presence and covering


· Remember that in all circumstances God goes before me and acts as my armor and my shelter

· I can rest in God’s presence because He promises to keep me safe regardless of how scary my circumstances may look on the outside (and even how scary they look on the INSIDE of my heart and mind)

· My trust in Him reminds and assures me of His protection

· Because of His perfect faithfulness, I can rely on Him in times of trouble, fear, and anxiety because He promises to be there for me



Thank you for loving us as a good and perfect Father. I’m so grateful today for Your Abba heart that fiercely protects Your children. Remind me, when I’m scared and weary, that I can trust You to care for me and that I don’t need to try and grasp back control. Remind me that You will provide me with the rest, shelter, and covering I need. You are perfect in Your faithfulness and provision for those who love You. I am so grateful that even when (or maybe ESPECIALLY when) I am broken and fragile, YOU ARE NOT. Remind me in always of the TRUTH that, through Jesus, I am forever rescued, restored, and redeemed. Amen.

Thank goodness for that.

We’ll be back next week with our final devo on Rest, talking about the SABBATH! Until then, have a great weekend and week.

Praying for you and yours; counting you as one of ours.


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