Grace + Grit (how to to keep going without losing your sh*t)

Updated: Jan 20

Here's all the scoop on our upcoming series,

Grace + Grit!

We are so excited and praying you will join us! Registration deets below! LOVE YOU!!!

Given the short and precious nature of life, being deliberate about our energies is paramount. Richard Betts Let’s get deliberate about doing what really matters, AND give ourselves the grace to let the rest go. It’s time for some grace + grit. Think of it this way: Grit is what drives you forward; grace is what blesses where you’ve been. Grit says “let’s keep going”; grace says, “it’s okay to stop”. Grit says “slay the dragon”, grace says “not every dragon has to be slayed” – at least by you, anyway. Grace + Grit is our new, 10-week online Bible study series, running from February 15 through April 22nd, using The Bible (of course!) AND The Lazy Genius Way: Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t, and Get Stuff Done by Kendra Adachi (Emily P. Freeman’s BFF, for those of you who did The Next Right Thing with us back in the Fall of 2019!)

Grace + Grit - $130 for 10-week series (February 15 - April 22!) (same cost per week as last semester!) EXTRAS PACKAGE: additional $35 Exclusive stationery bundle! (See video! I will also post pictures on Facebook!) (Notebook, pencil pouch, sticky note set, and pen!)

You in?! YAY! Venmo (@Wendie-Connors) Paypal ( Zelle ( DO IT TODAY to make sure your materials arrive on time! Essentials: (5 Thursday evening Zooms, 10 Monday recorded devos, 1 cooking class (live but also recorded), small groups, book, 10 scripture cards, private Facebook page, and guest speaker (live but also recorded!): $130

The Whole Shebang: Essentials PLUS bundle: $165 Wanna invite a friend? THE MORE THE MERRIER! Get $10 refund for each *NEW* sister friend you invite who joins (someone who was not in Not Today Gertie)! Just make sure to let me know names. As soon as she registers, you get your refund (max refund $30)! HOW FUN IS THAT?! Invite your sister, your mom, your daughter. Your college roomie or your neighbor. Heck, invite the lady in the Starbucks line behind you. We can all use a little bit more love these days, am I right?! Registration deadline is January 24th in order to get your materials in time for the series launch. Let’s get going, girls! It won’t be the same without you! Questions? Lemme know. You know where to find me:! REGISTER TODAY! One final thought (from my BBF, Paul):

I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty. Philippians 4:13, TPT (emphasis mine!)

His power infuses our grit with grace! WOW! Can’t wait to dive back in with each of you. Love you so, girlies! Xoxooxx,


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