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You're More Than Just a Pretty Label

I admit I sometimes choose a bottle of wine by its label. Sometimes it’s a good choice, sometimes – not so much. You think we’d all have learned by now you can’t always know what’s on the inside based on the outward appearance.

God knows our inner condition. No matter how much we try to pretty things up on the outside, He knows what’s really going on. He wants us to be living authentically (meaning the inside matches the outside) and He’s at the ready to rescue us when what’s really going on in our hearts is in need of some restoration.

Let’s dig in and SOAP it, sisters!

Scripture: Isaiah 58:11-12, MSG


· God will always show us the way

· He restores us even when we are totally empty – body, mind, AND spirit

· Spiritual restoration from God rescues us from all kinds of burn out

· He uses our past and all our experiences (even the bad ones!) to create and restore a better way

· God wants us to thrive with Him and will help us turn things around!


· Call on God for help and guidance in all situations and circumstances

· Ask God for restoration when I am weary and I can fully expect Him to provide it in body, mind, and spirit

· Let past experiences be learning opportunities to pray about and ask God to show me how to repair what needs repairing and/or show me how to do it better next time – no experience is wasted!



I thank you for Your faithfulness and willingness to guide me here on Earth, especially when I am broken. When things are tough and I feel alone, dejected, and weary, remind me of Your promise here to restore me to well being in my body, my mind, and in my spirit. Help me to release things in my past to You so that You can wash them clean in Your grace and mercy. Use those things to work GOOD into my present and my future and help me to do things better! Restore what is broken in me and rebuild what is faulty, and replace what is missing with Your goodness and grace. In the mighty name of your son, Jesus – Amen.

Praying you can grab some alone time with God this week to refuel and restore. Check back next week as we talk about renewing of our hearts in Psalm 51!

Praying for you and yours, counting you as one of ours.


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