Holistic Bliss JOY Bomb Skin Salve

Holistic Bliss JOY Bomb Skin Salve

Anyone else have super dry hands!? Hand washing + cooler temps + dry heat  indoors = rough, parched skin! Holistic Bliss Co.’s Healing Salve solves the hydration situation!


It’s CLEAN SKIN CARE, made with fractionated coconut oil,  beeswax, and healing essential oils from doTERRA with an uplifting, JOYFUL citrus-y floral scent . The beeswax gives it structure in the 4 oz. adorable glass jar , and melts smoothly (#likebutter) when you massage it in! Use it anywhere you have dry skin or just want a joyful lift to your day!  This product is EXCLUSIVE to SPM!!!


This is an ADD-ON PRODUCT only and is not available for individual sale at this time.


  • No refunds or returns for this item.


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