Let's Get Together, YA YA YA!

Let's Get Together, YA YA YA!

Join us this summer for our SUPER FUN, 10-Week SPM Book Club!


Each week, you'll receive access (via our private Facebook page) to our BRAND NEW, recorded "Chicks Chat" series with Wendie and a guest discussing the latest chapter in  our summer book club book, Share Your Stuff, I'll Go First, by Laura Tremaine. You can share thoughts, enter giveaways, and connect with others on the Facebook page, too!   You'll also receive information and access to three LIVE Zoom gatherings  (including one with our author, LAURA TREMAINE!) AND the chance to join us for our IN-PERSON events throughout the summer (like outdoor yoga, Arboretum walks, wine in my backyard, AND a honey tasting event with our own Alicia Donovan of Honey and the Bee)!  Included in this registration is a downloadable pdf with all the inside scoop and discussion questions for the book!


Let's get together, girls!!  Invite your friends!!  The more the merrier and the more HAPPY it will be!  ;)


Please note:  this is a content ONLY product and does NOT include the book.  If you would like to purchase the BUNDLE that includes a physical copy of the book AND AMAZINGLY COOL items that go along with our book group, please choose the Let's Get Together FULL MONTY BUNDLE!