…spm ministries… is a Christian-focused women’s ministry dedicated to supporting and encouraging women on their faith journey.  We believe in inspiring women to be intentional about their overall health, including their spiritual wellness.  While some of what we do is in person through local Bible studies, retreats, girls’ weekends, and other live events, we are also focused on web-based learning opportunities for spiritual growth and sisterhood!


The Breathe Box by spm ministries is our signature, faith-based lifestyle box that provides our customers with tangible, fun, and inspiring items centered on a spiritual theme.  These boxes are expertly hand-curated and can be given as gifts, used in churches and other organizations as a guiding force in Bible studies and book groups, or enjoyed simply as a gift to yourself!  Proceeds from the sale of our boxes provide financial assistance to organizations that serve women and children in crisis. to provide a multi-faceted, Our mission and passion is an experience-driven approach to women’s ministry, regardless of faith background or place on the faith journey! 


You may be the only Bible some people will ever read.


John MacArthur

If you’ve made it here to this space, you’ve no doubt got a spark for God in your heart.  I do, too.  So welcome, sweet friend.  Maybe, like me, you haven’t always chased after the heart of God.  Maybe, like me, there’ve been times you weren’t sure where to find Him.  Or maybe, you’ve been hanging out alongside Him all along.  No matter where you are or where you’ve been, you’re at home and welcome here.


I started this ministry with one goal:  to ignite the hearts of women in my town for Jesus. Over time, my mission grew to be this:  to bring some of that sacred,  “Sunday Spirituality” into the ordinary, everyday spaces of LIFE – for everyone, with a big ole side of whimsy!


And so, SPM Ministries was born!  You can click here to read our manifesto.  That’s my most favorite thing I’ve ever written.  Hope it resonates with you, too.


So, who am I?  Well, I am Wendie.  Daughter of an amazing God and savior.  I’m also the daughter to great parents and the YOUNGER sister to my lifelong partner-in-sisterly-crime!  I’m the wife of the BEST guy I’ve ever met and the momma to the coolest girl on Earth (well, in my books). I love Jesus (and America, too, for all of you Tom Petty fans 😉).  I love my family, ALL THINGS DOG, and… I ADORE all. my. sister. friends.  I LOVE MY GIRLS.  Like, so so much, and I’m not even kidding.   (Thus…women’s ministry.  It’s the best.)


I’m a teacher.  I’m a student.  I’m a creator. I’m a fan of Food Network and HGTV.  I love reading, thinking, praying, laughing super hard, creating, having parties, and sleeping.  (Sleeping and laughing might just be my favorite. Don’t judge me.)


I try to be somewhat healthy and usually meet that mark, but…LIFE.  You get me, right?! 😉  I really like tending my flower pots in the summer but I literally CANNOT keep a houseplant alive to save my ever-loving life.  Truth.


I have credentials and stuff that I could spout here to try and impress you.  But instead, how about I just ask you just hang out here for a bit and see if something tickles your spiritual fancy. 


I never take you or your time spent here for granted.  I’m humbled and honored.  So, thank you for stopping by.  And feel free to hit that sweet “contact” typewriter up top to connect!


Sending you xoxo’s,



...spm ministries...

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