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We are restless...because we need REST!

In her book, Rhythms of Renewal, Rebekah Lyons explains her journey back to whole health through the lens of four life "rhythms": Rest, Restore, Connect, and Create. It's sort of like a faith-based instruction manual for "taking care of your own four walls"! We invite you to journey through the book with us this season! We'll take one rhythm a month, dive in, and see how we can bring more peace and purpose into our daily lives.

This month, we're talking all things REST! You know how a toddler behaves when she's over-tired and over-stimulated? It's ain't cute, is it?! How you do think you look under those same conditions?! You're probably not laying on the floor pounding your fists on the ground, but those same feelings of unrest and frustration are manifesting in other ways: irritation with others at home or work; laying on the horn a little too long in a traffic jam; tossing and turning in bed even though you are exhausted; withdrawing from friends and social engagements because, well, you just can't. I know because I've been there. We're restless...

Can I get an AMEN?

So what does scripture have to say about true rest? Is it important? How do we find it in an otherwise fast-paced world where it feels like such an indulgent, elusive concept we can't seem to grasp?

Turns out the Bible has a LOT to say on the subject. So each Friday in February, we'll take a closer look at some familiar passages and peel them back to get some solid advice we can apply TODAY! This week, let's start with words from Jesus.

UNFORCED rhythms of grace? Um, yes please! And what is Jesus really inviting us into here? Let's use our SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) method and dig a little deeper!

Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30, The Message

Observations (what can I pull out of this both factually and inferentially after reading it a few times):

  • True rest is found in Christ and He is where we should turn when we are tired, burned out, and weary.

  • Finding the time and space to get away with Him teaches us grace-filled rhythms of healthy living.

  • He takes whatever is wearing us down and replaces it with freedom and lightness of being.

  • We find recovery and rest in His presence.

  • He will show us how it's done when/if we keep our eyes on Him.

Application (how to all this apply to me and what can I do about it?):

  • Make spending time with Jesus a priority through prayer, meditation, reading scripture, stillness, celebrating the sabbath, etc. in order to find grace-filled rest and recovery.

  • GET AWAY with Him (retreat!) for extended time to really "watch" and learn HOW He does it!

  • Fill up on His grace so we have enough to extend to others who are also worn out.

  • Give Him our burdens and ask for His grace and peace in return (the peace that transcends all understanding).



Thank you that Your desire for us is a consistent relationship with you. Help me to take Your words in this passage and truly make them a part of my everyday living - all my comings and going, obligations, relationships, and activities. Help me find time each day to spend alone with You to share what's going on with me and to lay it all at Your feet so I can listen for Your voice. I thank you for taking it on and giving me Your grace and peace in return. Remind me when I forget (because I do forget) that I need look no further than scripture to SEE You model how to live. Thank you for this reminder that even our REST is of importance to You. Help me find ways to make it a priority.

In Your Name, Amen.

Looking for a way to get away? Sign up HERE for our "Soulutions Retreat"! Space is limited, sisters!

Check back with us next week when we take a look at rest through the words of Isaiah.

Have a great weekend, sweet friends. Much love to you all.

Praying for you and yours, all the while counting you as one of ours,

founder, SPM Ministries

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